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Third-party plug-ins for Premiere Pro.Welcome to the Premiere Pro User Guide 


- Adobe premiere elements 10 user manual free


Installation Notes. Please refer to the following documents for installation instructions: Install Adobe Premiere Elements 10 Windows Mac Trials Download, install Photoshop Elements 10 Premiere Elements 10 Troubleshoot installation problems Photoshop Elements 10, Premiere Elements 10 Windows Ensure that you do not have any anti-virus software running on your computer when you install Adobe Premiere Elements. Installation can fail or take a long time when some anti-virus software is running on your computer.

System Requirements. Microsoft DirectX 9 or 10 compatible sound and display driver. For both Windows and Mac OS. Internet connection required for Internet-based features For a full list, visit www. Supported file formats. Supported video devices. DV Camcorders including miniDV camcorders. For Nokia phones, install the software provided with your phone. Digital still cameras Webcams see info below on capturing from webcams WDM cameras. Additional Resources and Training. You can have previous versions of Adobe Premiere Elements installed on your computer, but do not run them simultaneously.

However, after you save the projects in Adobe Premiere Elements Mac version of Adobe Premiere Elements does not support Windows projects and the other way round. You cannot import Adobe Premiere Elements Known Issues. Capturing and Importing Video. DV Device control is disabled and capture does not proceed normally if sound card is not present, or is offline.

If capture is interrupted by a system event such as switching users, locking the system, or the screensaver, the duration of the captured file is much shorter than expected. We recommend that you disable the screensaver before starting capture, and avoid any action that can interfere with the capture. For live capture from DV camcorders, you must first disable scene detect. When capturing from HDV camcorders, you sometimes see interlace lines in the preview window, The interlace lines do not appear in the captured video Divx files are sometimes, not imported, and sometimes, only audio or video part of the file is imported.

After completing time-lapse capture, it can take some time for the Organizer to update and display the thumbnails for the captured files.

Still images captured using Stop Motion are not added to the organizer. Ensure that you have installed the drivers shipped with the device before you import media from them. Stop Motion capture is not supported for HDV camcorders. When reconnecting missing media, each grouped scene must be reconnected individually. Organizer sometimes exhibits performance issues with large catalogs , files.

Voice over narration, is sometimes, not recorded when using a mono USB microphone. When previewing audio mixes, pops may be heard as the CTI passes form one clip to the next. Try all the different filters to see what they do. Add a filter on top of another filter.

Click around on all the different tools and try them. Get crazy—you can stack up as many filters, effects, and Layer styles as you want without crashing the program. Elements is a cool program and lots of fun to use, but figuring out how to make it do what you want is another matter.

That approach is as useful to people who are advanced photographers as it is to those who are just getting started with their first digital cameras. This book periodically recommends other books, covering topics too specialized or tangential for a manual about Elements.

For example, pop-out menus are more likely to have a white background on a Mac instead of a dark one. However, the Editor is exactly the same in all versions of Elements. Part One. The first part of this book helps you get started with the program. Chapter 2 covers how to get photos into Elements, the basics of organizing them, and how to open files and create new images from scratch.

Chapter 3 explains how to rotate and crop photos, and includes a primer on that most important digital imaging concept—resolution. Part Two. Chapter 4 shows how to use the Quick Fix window to dramatically improve your photos.

Part Three. Having Elements is like having a darkroom on your computer. Chapter 8 covers topics unique to people who use digital cameras, like Raw conversion and batch-processing photos. Chapter 10 shows you how to convert color photos to black and white, and how to tint and colorize black-and-white photos.

Part Four. This part covers the fun stuff: painting on photos and drawing shapes Chapter 12 , using filters and effects to create more artistic looks Chapter 13 , and adding text to images Chapter Part Five. Part Six. You can get hundreds of plug-ins and additional styles, brushes, and other nifty tools to customize your copy of Elements and increase its abilities; the Internet and your local bookstore are chock full of additional info. Chapter 19 offers a look at some of these resources, as well as information about using a graphics tablet with Elements, and suggests some places to turn after you finish this book.

Part Seven. Appendix A helps you get your copy of Elements up and running, and suggests what to do if it starts misbehaving. So what do you need to read first? Read all of Chapter 1. If you want to organize your photos, then read about the Organizer also in Chapter 2. If you want to use the Organizer to label and keep track of them, then read Chapter 2.

Chapter 3 explains how to adjust your view of photos in the Editor. Chapter 4 shows you how to use the Quick Fix window to easily edit and correct photos. Chapter 16 covers printing, both at home and from online services.

Chapter 17 explains how to email photos, and Chapter 18 teaches you how to post photos at Photoshop. You can come back and pick up the rest of the info in the book as you get more comfortable with Elements and want to explore more of the wonderful things you can do with it. This book assumes that you know how to perform basic activities on your computer like clicking and double-clicking your mouse buttons and dragging objects onscreen. To right-click means to press the right mouse button once, which calls up a menu of special features.

To double-click means to press the left button twice, quickly, without moving the mouse between clicks. Most onscreen selection buttons are pretty obvious, but you may not be familiar with radio buttons : To choose an option, click the little empty circle next to it.

But if you have a one-button mouse, you can Control-click instead—that means to press the Control key on your keyboard and then press your mouse button once. Figure 1. Mac file paths are shown using the same arrows. Otherwise, all the different versions are specified. Figure I-2 explains.

Figure 2. In Mac OS X Lion, Apple has made it a little harder to find your Library folders. After that, you can always find the Library folder by just clicking the name of your hard drive in the list on the left side of a Finder window. The other Library folder you may need is the one for your user account, which is a hidden file in Lion. To make it visible, in the Finder, open the Go menu and then press the Option key. You can also communicate with the Missing Manual team and tell us what you love or hate about the book.

Head over to www. Go to www. If you register this book at oreilly. Registering takes only a few clicks. Got questions? Need more information?

Fancy yourself a book reviewer? On our Feedback page, you can get expert answers to questions that come to you while reading, share your thoughts on this Missing Manual, and find groups for folks who share your interest in Elements.

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Note For now, you have to be in the United States to use Photoshop. Why Photoshop Elements? What You Can Do with Elements



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